Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Having friends when you're a mum

When I was pregnant I truly thought that I wouldn't have the same group of friends once I became a mother.

Being the first person in my friendship group to have a child, I thought that they would recoil at the thought of babies, nappies and the odd spit up accident but I couldn't have been more wrong.

From the moment Ava was born my friends have showered her with affection and attention. She loves the "girls" and loves coming out with us all. They're always buying her presents or joining us on days out.

Obviously my priorities have changed but I still make sure to meet up with my friends a few times a month, with Ava or not. I'm heading down to London next weekend to stay with some friends and I can't wait. I think motherhood is all about balance and I'm trying my hardest to get it right.

It does work well at the moment although I do worry about what will happen if I ever do go back to work full time as I'm sure the mummy guilt will kick in. I do think it's hugely important that us mummies do make time for ourselves. Even if it's just a wander to the local coffee shop with a book.

I think it gives me a bit of a breather, a chance to let my hair down and in turn makes me a better mum.

I'm very lucky to have such a big, close knit group of friends, I can't wait for them to start having babies!

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