Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Weekend #3


I'm not going to lie, Saturday was a really tough parenting day. Ava's attitude has not been the best lately, it's been incredible stressful with us still living in the pub and trying to find the time to move into our new house and on Saturday it all came to a head. There were tears and tantrums on both sides and I ended up with a splitting headache all day. I've consoled myself with the fact that it was our last weekend in the pub. Next weekend I am off to London to stay with friends and the weekend after Ava and I are going down to my mums.

Saturday morning started with Ava accidentally head-butting me in the face so not the best of starts. Ballet was missed as she was in tantrum mode and after headbutt-gate we were running late anyway. We met my dad for tea & flapjacks instead and took his gorgeous dog Murphy for a walk.

This gorgeous wood is minutes from our new house and I just love it. I'm trying to convince Nath that we need a dog, perfect walking ground. She looks like butter wouldn't melt in these pictures!

Apart from a quick trip into town with my Sister-in-law in the afternoon which dissolved into Ava's tantrum number 10,987 the afternoon was spent watching The Little Mermaid whilst Ava munched on a big bowl of chicken nuggets & chips in bed. Lazy parenting at it's finest, but I was honestly too tired and stressed to care at that point. When Ava misbehaves I put it down to my parenting skills. I must be a terrible parent!

 Once Ava was asleep Nath and I had fajitas and drunk some (much needed) Desperados. Sunday was a new day and I was determined that it was going to be a better one.


Sunday started lazily with Ava and I watching Rio whilst Nath had a little lie in. He then took Ava to see his grandparents while I went to meet a friend for coffee. I haven't seen my friend since our wedding in August and it was so good to have a catch up. It was lovely to have an hour to myself for a good gossip over a chai tea latte.

As we are hoping to move into our new house this week it was time for the dreaded packing to start. After sorting out Ava's clothes I ended up with a bin bag full of Ava's old clothes for charity and some books and toys for the carboot.

This made me realise that I was running extremely low on pants, socks & leggings for Ava so we took a quick trip to Sainsbury's and picked up a few things.

 I have also cleaned and played with Ava whilst trying to pack this big box for the new house. Behaviour-wise, Ava was a lot better on Sunday, she was like a completely different child! Strange.

So not a very riveting weekend to be honest, but I think it was the calm before the storm as we have two busy weekends coming up.

What have you guys been up to?


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