Monday, 25 May 2015

The Weekend #4- Buckingham Palace, prosecco & ice cream sandwiches

This weekend was a highly anticipated one for me, one that has been planned for months with the dates circled with a big red pen in my diary.

I went to London to spend some time with my friends, alone, which after last weekend, boy did I need!

I have to admit the train journey to London always fills me with anxiety. I think it's a mixture of stressing that I will miss my connections and the rush and buzz of London. Being a small town girl London is out of my comfort zone. Saying that, once I'm there and I'm with someone who knows the city like the back of their hand, I'm happy. I will apologise in advance for the quality of these photos are they are sparse and most of them were taken on my iPhone.


On Saturday I was travelling from 8.30am to 2pm! I snagged a very cheap return ticket to London but the downside of that was the 3 changes throughout my journey that I had to endure!

Once I arrived and I'd dumped my suitcase at my friend's house we decided to have a little wander about. Although the skies stayed cloudy all weekend it was very mild, perfect tourist weather! I've never been to Buckingham Palace so we ventured over. I was surprised at how big it was! The flag was up so Lizzie was home, I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the hundreds of tourists milling about!

We'd obviously worked up a thirst so we hunted down the nearest pub for a few glasses of Prosecco, why not. Saturday evening was spent in our pjs, eating pizza and watching Eurovision, Pretty perfect!


I had a very good night's sleep but my body decided that it wanted to wake up at 7.30am. Lie in opportunity missed! We'd wanted to visit Borough Market but found out that it didn't happen on a Sunday. We managed to find a food market in East London and headed there instead.

I'm a huge fan of Greek food and I had the most amazing Souvlaki, pita bread wrap filled to the brim with chicken, grilled halloumi, tomatoes, red onion and tzatziki, SO good! I then spotted the cutest ice cream van selling cookie ice cream sandwiches and had to have one. I chose vanilla ice cream, snickerdoodle cookie and Lucky Charms topping. Yum!

We then got ourselves ready for our night out. Luckily we had managed to get onto the guestlist for Boujis but had a few drinks at home before hand, good job we did as our bar tab was steep!


I woke up feeling slightly worse for wear this morning. Vodka always seems like a good idea at the time! We ate brunch in a lovely French restaurant and then it was time to begin my treacherous journey home. FYI, trains and hangovers do not mix! Ava has been spoilt rotten by daddy this weekend, I'm very lucky to have such a brilliant, hands on husband who encourages me to have "me" time and always put 110% into daddy duties. I really don't give him enough credit.

They went to a BBQ and he took her to a farm where she fed a lamb and watched a pig race. Most exciting of all Nath bought her a bike! She was thrilled with it and I loved the stream of happy selfies I was getting from Nath.

We move in to our new house tomorrow so he has also been getting everything ready for that. What a trooper!

I've said it before but I really do find "me" time so important. I love spending time with my friends and having some down time. But coming home to my family is definitely the best part.


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