Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Weekend #5- Lots of food and lots of shopping

First of all I must apologise at how useless I was with this linky last weekend. I was terribly unorganised and didn't send the link across to Charl for her to add onto her blog, I am so sorry that some of you were unable to link up! I've given myself a slap on the wrist and it won't happen again!

As I mentioned last weekend, Nath was off to Cardiff this weekend so I decided to brave the 2 and a half hour journey down to my mum's with Ava on Friday. I have driven down by myself many times before but I was anxious about how Ava would fare for that long, on her own in the back. I was so nervous, but I am happy to report that it all went really well, apart from the journey taking 3 hours due to major roadworks. My mum & stepdad have just return from an amazing trip which consisted of New York, Las Vegas and Mexico, it all sounded and looked incredible but I'm so happy to have them home! On Friday night I was asleep by 9pm! The journey must have taken it out of me.


This weekend I had planned to do two things, shop and eat! Tomorrow Nath and I are back to our healthy eating and exercising so I took the opportunity to completely stuff my face! We set off into Milton Keynes quite early on Saturday, I desperately needed some new foundation. After using NARS Sheer Glow for months I cut back and started using one that I picked up in my local Boots but it just isn't the same, by the end of the day the foundation had melted off my face, leaving orange patches stuck to my T zone. Not a good look! I'm a big believer that you get what you pay for and foundation is one of them, I'm never cheating on it again!

I've already started buying some bits for Ava for our holiday to Cyprus in September. My mum picked up the yellow shorts and pineapple vest top from Zara and the Watermelon shorts are H&M. I'm hoping the weather improves before our trip so that she can wear them.

During the move I've lost a big bag full of tops, I'm gutted as some of them were quite new. This obviously called for some new ones, notably this popcorn tshirt from Topshop.

We had lunch in Carluccios, Mum and I always seem to stop here for lunch when we're out shopping. My starter of chicken liver pate was amazing and the spinach & ricotta ravioli with sage butter wasn't bad either. I was very impressed with the children' menu, Ava certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Back at my mum's we had to get Ava's new Playmobile set out and we had some afternoon tea and a play in the garden.

Ava had had a nap earlier on which spelt disaster for bedtime. She didn't go to bed until 11pm, which I'm sure gave e a few grey hairs! When she'd finally nodded of mum & I watched The Heat which stars Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy. They are both two of my favourite actresses and it didn't disappoint. Definitely worth a watch,


Sunday involved more shopping and not much picture taking. During the week I decided that I was desperate for some new PJs and Primark is always my go to place for fun PJs and comfy loungewear, I also wanted to check out their homeware section.

Once I'd had my fill of cheap PJs and flamingo shaped cushions (which I bought, of course), we hot footed it to Ikea, we were on a bit of a time restraint as we needed to get back to my mum's but we both picked up the bits we needed. Unfortunately lunch was a quick McDonalds rather than some delicious Ikea meatballs but maybe next time.

Ava and I left my mum's at 3pm and again, the journey took 3 hours due to roadworks and a road accident! Luckily Ava pretty much slept the whole way back, which meant I didn't have to listen to her toddler CD, bonus! We finished off the evening with fish & chips and I had a massive sort out in our bedroom and rearranged some of the furniture, as you do.

I'm dreading this week in work, I think it's because I only worked a day and a half last week. This week is going to be tough!

We have nothing major planned this weekend, apart from celebrating my lovely nan's birthday on Saturday and a possible carboot on Sunday. I'm hoping to get my shelves and dining table up this week! Fingers crossed for a working light in our bedroom too!

What did you get up to?


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