Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Folly Farm review

During our trip to the Bluestone Wales resort in Pembrokeshire we spent one of our days out at Folly Farm which is a 15 minute drive from Bluestone itself.

Folly Farm has been given the accolade of "Best day out in Wales" so we were excited to see what it had to offer.

Folly Farm, as the name suggests, has farm animals but also zoo animals and attractions. We began our day out in the farm area and both Nath and I remarked how great the layout was. It was set out like a real life, indoor market. You almost expected farmers to show up and start auctioneering off the animals.

They had a small indoor play area as well as interactive games and a huge chalkboard. We loved Cwtch corner where Ava got to meet one of the kids who was gorgeous.

I also loved how educational the farm area was. There was a hatching barn which showed detailed graphs of how an egg turns into a chick and they had eggs in incubators with dates of the next hatch.

We then moved on to the sensory garden which was very educational. Ava's favourite part was the "whoose poo?" game and brushing for fossils. Ava got to see some small reptiles, monkeys and parrots.

Next stop was the vintage funfair. It was HUGE! I was seriously impressed with how big it was, I had expected a handful of rides but we were spoilt for choice. Some of the rides were slightly worse for wear and had gathered a thick layer of dust over the years but that's oddly part of the charm and it wouldn't be a "vintage" funfair otherwise would it.

We ate in the adventure part of the funfair, which again, was huge. It housed a massive wooden play area along with two smaller soft play areas. Nath and I both remarked that while the sandwiches were nice (much better quality than any other theme parks we have visited) it was still quite expensive and we would have been better off bringing a packed lunch.

The zoo animals were great. The lookout point in the giraffe enclosure is amazing. Although it's slightly terrifying when you have a massive giraffe head, looming right next to you. Ava also adored the penguins!

There were so many outdoor play areas and as we'd chosen a quiet day Ava had her pick of them.

We ended the day by visiting their big gift shop, Ava didn't know what to choose first!

We had a brilliant day at Folly Farm, there is something there for everyone! It definitely deserves it's title of "Best day out in Wales" If you are in the area you must give it a visit. You can find more information on their website.

*We were given free tickets to Folly Farm in return for a review. Thoughts are 100% my own

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