Monday, 1 June 2015

My house rules

Growing up there were certain rules in our house, I wasn't allowed any pudding if I hadn't finished my main course, we had to be in bed by a certain time and saying our "please and thank you's" were very important.

I think it's so important to have rules in a household, to create boundaries and establish good manners. Now that Ava is three and we have just moved into our new house, Nath and I have spoken about getting her a reward chart. Her behaviour can be a little testing at times so we're hoping that having a reward chart will be a good thing.

Some of the rules we're starting to establish in our house are:

*Always say please and thank you
*Brush teeth twice a day
*Bedtime by 7.30pm
*Ask to leave the table at tea time
*Take your shoes off at the front door
*Dummy is only for bedtime

Principality Building Society have asked me to switch it up a little and have asked Ava to come up with her own house rules. So we had a little chat and this is what she came up with.

*Play with Play Doh every day
*Ice cream for breakfast and Kinder eggs for lunch
*Allowed to watch YouTube videos all day, every day
*Allowed to stay up until late watching cartoons on TV
*Always have Disney songs on in the car
*Sleep in mummy and daddy's bed every night

Admittedly some of this already happens, she unfortunately does wander into our room every night and I cruise through the town to the sound of "Hakuna Matata" blaring from my car.

I do think house rules are so important to build the foundations of a happy home, hopefully we're going in the right direction.

*This post in collaboration with Principality Building Society

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