Monday, 8 June 2015

The Weekend #6- Settling in to our home

You know how the weekend is meant to be a chance to take some time out, to rest after a busy week? Well lately that hasn't been the case at all in our household. Since moving in to our new house the weekends have been spent moving furniture, finding places for things and endless tiding and cleaning. I'm exhausted!


Nath's mum kindly offered to take Ava to ballet for me on Saturday morning but there was no rest for me as I hotfooted it to Homebase for a new mop (the glamour) and a plant for my Nan as it was her birthday. I met my dad for a quick coffee before running home to change Ava, ready for her friend's birthday party, We were heading our for a meal for my nan's birthday on Saturday evening so I knew that Ava needed to nap at some point, otherwise it would have been hell on earth.

Unfortunately when we got home Ava wanted to play with the bubbles from her party bag and proceeded to spill the bubble mixture all over the floor in the conservatory. Yay. She then carried on rampaging around the garden for a while whilst I carried on with my jobs.

I did manage to grab Ava for a quick cuddle on the sofa before we popped up to see my nan to deliver her birthday cards and present. As it's both my nan and grandad's birthday's in June I've decided to take them out, soon, for a little birthday treat but wanted to get Nan something on her actual birthday. I bought this lovely teacup, willow planter from Not on the Highstreet. I'm useless with the names of plants, but I bought the sweet purple flowered plant from Homebase, I think it goes perfectly.

I managed to get Ava to sleep at 6pm but we were heading out at 7pm so we had a grumpy toddler for the first half an hour. I was disappointed with my menu choice. Everything I chose wasn't how I expected it to be if that makes sense.

The best part of the meal was this amazing crab & wasabi amuse-bouche.

Luckily Ava fell asleep on the way home and Nath and I got the carboot things ready for Sunday.


Poor Nath was up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, heading off to the carboot to sell some bits and bobs. We went to find him at 9.30 with a McDonald's breakfast. The weather was gorgeous and it was lovely sitting in the sun for a while.

Ava and I popped to Sainsbury's to buy some ingredients for our baking and I couldn't resist buying myself some flowers and the Sainsbury's magazine which I look forward to every month, it's the little things. We're slowly straightening the house out and it's starting to feel like home.


Ava and I made some "Red Velvet" cupcakes except that they weren't red and I messed up the icing, they still tasted pretty good.

We watched The Lion King, ate some cupcakes and I got a little over excited to see the ice cream van stop right opposite our house! We obviously had to go out and I bought a little treat for Ava to have after her dinner.

Once Ava was in bed I wish I could say I relaxed, well I did manage to have a hot bath and put my new Origins charcoal facemask on but I then had a huge pile of ironing to do and another two loads of washing! Sigh.

Next weekend I shall mostly be packing for Bluestone in Wales which we head to next Monday. I am SO ready for a short break! The week after next can't come quick enough!

What have you been up to? Enjoy some sunshine I hope!


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