Monday, 29 June 2015

The Weekend #8- Sunshine & Netflix


This weekend was shaping up be the least busy on our calendar so Nath and I wanted to take the opportunity to sort the house out a little. We still have a lot that we want to do to it.

Saturday started slowly, Ava and I skipped ballet and we had a lazy morning which was nice. We then met my dad for some Starbucks lattes & overpriced muffins in the sunshine.

It was then back home for the rest of the day where Nath and I hung up our old wedding bunting in Ava's room which I love and did some other odd jobs.

I ended up weeding the garden which was oddly therapeutic and I then had the bright idea to take Ava up to my grandparents house on her bike. She is obviously still on stabilisers but can't yet peddle properly so I ended up having to push her all the way to my grandparents house, Thank god they only live one street away! They had the sprinkler out in their garden and Ava had an amazing time running through it. It brought back so many happy memories of me and my brother playing in the spray when we were younger. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, it's definitely something I want to capture.

We then had an indoor bbq, we have yet got a barbecue so improvised with the George Foreman. I then had the usual "I have nothing to wear" issue before going out for a few drinks with friends.


Sunday, Nath and Ava went to a motocross competition to watch his friend race, so I took the opportunity to do...nothing! I've re-discovered Gossip Girl on Netflix and I'm not ashamed to say I'm completely addicted. I must have watched about 6 episodes whilst eating Ben & Jerry's.

I managed to de-clutter our sun house that we are doing up but couldn't muster up the strength to clean it! I then met Nath, Ava and some friends in Nandos.

So a pretty brief weekend for me. Unfortunately I have bee in bed ill today, hence the late publication of this post. Next weekend we have Ava's school summer fair & Nath and I have a fancy dress party, the following weekend is my birthday weekend and also our nephew's christening and we have a wedding the weekend after that! Phew!

What have you been up to?


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