Monday, 6 July 2015

Should I stop blogging?

My blog will be 3 in November this year, believe it or not. It makes me feel sad that during that time I have stopped and started it so many times it's never really taken off. Now I feel almost stuck in a rut with it, I know where I would like my blog to be, I just don't seem to have the time, or the energy to invest into it.

Unfortunately my main issue is my job, a job that I quite honestly despise and for the past week I have been coming home in either a furious mood or in tears. There is no other option for me at the moment but to work, although my dream is just to stay at home and work on my blog and YouTube channel.

I have loved this little space of mine for (almost) three years but I'm really stuck in limbo. I don't know whether it's worth me carrying on, limping on with hap hazard posts now and again or just giving it up completely. The blogging community is an amazing one and I've often been so touched by lovely comments I receive but I feel that it's not one I've embraced fully. I don't comment enough on blogs that I love and always feel a little left behind and I have no one else to blame for than but myself.

My heart really doesn't want to give up this little space, one which I've put so much love and care into but my head says that if I honestly can't find the time for it and it's not going where I want it to then what is the point?!

I feel like I've lost my sparkle lately, I feel like I need a good kick up the butt, or a holiday!

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