Monday, 31 August 2015

How we ditched the dummy

Motherhood seems to be full of milestones, the first roll & smile turn into the first day of school and the first bike ride without stabilisers,  but there are so many more inbetween. I was so proud last Summer when Ava nailed potty training but this year we had a bigger beast to tame, getting rid of her beloved dummy or dodi as Ava called it.

Let me just say that I have nothing against dummies, I had one myself as a child (until I was 5 so I'm told) and I think they're fabulous little contraptions, they certainly helped me soothe Ava on numerous occasions. Although Nath and I were beginning to notice that she had her dodi in her mouth more often that not, she would talk with it in her mouth which has given her a bit of a lisp and she has a slight overbite which I'm guessing is a result of sucking a dummy. I wanted to get rid of her dummy last year but with potty training, the wedding, a house move and a new school it never seemed to be the right time. I'll be honest and admit that the idea of getting rid of her dummy completely terrified me. So much so that I enlisted the help of the dummy fairy. After a bit of research I found The Dummy Fairy Workshop online which sounded like a great idea.

For £19.95 I was sent the Magical Bits & Bobs kit which is just as exciting as it sounds. Ava received a personalised letter from the Queen of the Dummy Fairies asking her to donate her dummies to babies who don't have any, she was given an Enchanted Bag to place the dummies in and some fairy dust and a magic spell. The next day she received her special treat along with a Certificate of Generosity and a letter of thanks.

I honestly don't really know what came over me but a couple of weeks ago, after a lovely day out tinged with whines from Ava throughout the day for her dodi I decided to bite the bullet and use The Dummy Fairy as my partner in crime. In short, it was awful. Thank god for Nath or else I would have cracked under the screeching pressure. We persevered and she eventually drifted off. It's been almost two weeks since that fateful night and although she very occasionally asks for her dummy, it's been great! It's so lovely to see her little face without her dummy being in the way!

To anyone thinking of ditching the dummy, my advice is just do it. Don't put it off like I did! I'm so glad that we finally managed to ditch it!

Does your child have a dummy?

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