Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Our holiday to Cyprus

As I type this post, the rain is hammering outside and I'm nursing a hot cup of tea. Quite a contrast to this time last week when I was baking in 30 degree heat and wondering if my legs looked like hot dogs against the cloudless blue sky.

Nath's parents have a time share in Cyprus and last week we went on our long awaited holiday. This wasn't our first time, Ava's first holiday was spent in Cyprus when she was 6 months old and we were so excited to return. We bought Ava a Trunki which is such  fantastic invention. I managed to cram so much in for the plane journey, I was so surprised at how deceptively roomy it was, like a cow patterned Mary Poppin's suitcase! She loved zipping around the airport on it and I'd highly recommend them for fellow parents.

Our holiday was made all the more special as we were joined by Nath's sister, her boyfriend and their 7 month old son. It was his first holiday and Ava absolutely adores him. It was so lovely watching them both together and getting to spend some quality time with him.

The apartment is situated in Paphos which has some amazing restaurants. We returned to some favourites, Samisen which is a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, the chef cooks the food on a grill in front of you and puts on a bit of a show, which he gets you to join in with. We have so much fun when we visit and the food is delicious, some of the best sushi I've ever had. We also returned to The Lodge which is a South African restaurant. I've love the whole vibe in there, the d├ęcor is beautiful and the South African dishes and cocktails are amazing. I had these incredible, huge mussels for my main and a couple of Sloe-jitos which are cranberry mojitos, so good!

I must admit that Ava ate terribly all week! Chocolate ice cream most days with lots of pizza and pasta! Not an ideal diet,! I've been making meals from scratch since we've been home.

In typical toddler fashion, Ava was obsessed with the water. Due to the time of year, Ava and our nephew Cole were the only children using the pool, which we had to ourselves most of the time. Nath and I truly believed that she would develop fins by the end of the holiday. She grew in confidence in the water, her float jacket definitely helped, and it was so wonderful to see. She has no fear at all!

We did take her to the beach once but I must admit that I'm not a huge fan and neither is Nath. The whole de-sanding afterwards is a nightmare!

The week whizzed by so quickly. I caught myself watching Ava a few times, laughing and having fun. Reminding myself to keep these memories safe because she's growing up at a ridiculous speed. Unfortunately she's come home with a terrible cold, the downside to air-con!

I'm not sure where our next holiday will be, it's Nath's 30th next February and I'd love to take him somewhere special.

Have you been on holiday this year?

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