Monday, 5 October 2015

Braun ThermoScan, ear thermometer review*

Although we are currently experiencing a glorious Indian Summer, flu season is just around the corner so there couldn't be a better time for me to share my thoughts on the new Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer.

Braun claim to be the number 1 brand among doctors and I can see why. The new ThermoScan thermometer is Braun's most accurate yet. Not only does it have a unique pre-warmed tip which ensure a precise reading it also has an Age Precision colour-coded display. You simply select the appropriate age setting, take your child's temperature and the thermometer will glow red, yellow or green to give you a better understanding of your child's temperature. For a novice like me it's great as I wouldn't have the slightest idea what temperature to expect from Ava.

It also features a unique positioning system which beeps and lights up once you've inserted the thermometer correctly, a night light feature which enables you to take a temperature even in the dark, 21 disposable lens filters and it stores the last 9 temperatures which is ideal if you've been taking your child's temperature all day.

Honestly I'm not one for gadgets, the last thermometer I had, and have since lost,was a bog standard "pop under the arm" model. I love how easy to use this one is. It comes with a quick start guide and is fitted with batteries so it is ready to use as soon as you open it. The simplicity of it is perfect for me as I hate reading instructions, especially long-winded, complicated ones.

When Ava was a newborn I was always so paranoid about her being ill and not knowing whether she had a fever or not, so this is brilliant for putting my mind at rest.

As you can see I've luckily got a very well little girl on my hands at the moment but I'll feel a lot more confident next time that she is ill knowing that I have the ThermoScan as a back up.

The Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer retails at £49.99*, it's now going to be an essential part of my mummy medical kit. You can find it here:

*I was sent the Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer free of charge in return for an honest review. As usual thoughts are 100% my own


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