Thursday, 8 October 2015

Frozen Banana Ghost lollies recipe

Now I think calling this a "recipe" is a bit of a stretch as you only need 3 "ingredients" and some lolly sticks (which I picked up in Wilkos for £1), I think it's fair to say that this is more of a craft activity.

Anyway, the Frozen, banana ghost lollies are super easy & fun to make, perfect for toddlers. And there's relatively no mess either! Not to mention they're an ideal snack if you're having a Halloween get together.

This recipe makes 4 lollies.

You will need:
2 bananas
100g white, baking chocolate
raisins to decorate
lolly sticks


-Start by melting your chocolate, the microwave is quickest.Use short blasts and stir inbetween, set aside for later

-Peel your bananas and cut in half

-Insert the lolly sticks into the bottom of each cut banana

- Grab a pastry brush, dunk into the melted chocolate and paint on to your bananas

-Give your ghosts eyes and a mouth using the raisins

Place your lollies onto a baking try and freeze for 4 hours and you're done.

The simplest craft I have ever done. Ava loved painting the bananas with chocolate, they taste good too!


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