Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ava's Christmas gifts

You'll have to excuse the garish decor above, I got slightly carried away editing my picture. But if you can't add a candy cane frame to an image at Christmas then when can you?!

I thought I would share with you some of the gifts that we have bought for Ava this year. We haven't gone crazy, we're from a big, generous family and Ava will be spoilt rotten. I'm already stressing about where I'm going to store everything!

Isabelle's Dollhouse- Smyths- Now this isn't the exact one the we have bought for Ava, ours was from Mothercare, we bought it a few months ago when it was on sale from £160 to £80! This will be Ava's main gift from us this year and I know she's going to love it. One of her little friends has one and she adores playing with it. We've bought some of the small, toddler Barbie dolls to go inside it. Although it is big enough to fit full size Barbie dolls.

Puppy Surprise- Toys R Us- If your little one likes YouTube you may be familiar with this toy. Also I'm sure that I remember them from the 90's but I may be wrong. Basically Ava saw a Puppy Surprise YouTube video and subsequently, TV adverts and basically became obsessed! It's a soft toy dog that has babies in it's belly. You don't know how many babies or if they'll be boys or girls until you open it. It sounds pretty gruesome but it's basically like a dog shaped kinder egg.

Play Doh Crazy Cuts- Very- Play Doh is another of Ava's great loves. This, again, was seen on an advert and immediately she asked for it.

Hungry Hippos- Smyths- As Ava get's older I'm slowly trying to get her into board games. Last year we bought her Mouse Trap and I think she'll really love Hungry Hippos, I did when I was younger. I think that board games are great for a rainy day and it's something that we can all play together.

Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre-Toys R Us- Paw Patrol is one of Ava's favourite cartoons at the moment (along with Blaze & The Monster Machines), she'll be thrilled to bits when she opens this and I know my mum has bought her another Paw Patrol playset too.

Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family-Cuthberts Toys- I personally love Sylvanian Families. I always wanted some when I was younger. I think that they're so sweet and well made. The attention to detail always gets me. I mean how cute is the joey in the pouch?! I do find them quite expensive though and Ava only has a few pieces so far.

Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home-John Lewis- This is actually one of Ava's gifts from my mum & step dad but I thought I'd include it. I think it's great value compared to the more expensive Sylvanian Family items. It does come with a bunny character but Ava will probably move in the kangaroo family. I also know that she's getting the Ice cream van from another family member so her Sylvanian Family collection is well and truly growing.

I have also bought her a stacking box from Great Little Trading Company which I am filling with some Galt goodies, Galt is a craft brand. Ava loves crafts so I have decided to create a "Rainy Day" activity box that I shall be sharing with you when finished.

She also has a Christmas Eve basket that I shall share with you soon, as well as some stocking fillers. including "The Princess & the Frog" on Dvd and some Fashems or Mashems, whatever they're called, YouTube Mamas ,you get me!

What are your little ones getting this year?


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