Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cheese Posties review*

A couple of weeks ago I had a real craving for a cheese toastie! I got our toastie maker out and made both Ava and I a cheese toastie. Unfortunately I'm not very exotic with my flavours and always have a simple mature cheddar doused in Lea Perrins, so when I was contacted by Cheese Posties asking if I would like to review their cheese toastie subscription box, how could I say no?!

A cheese toastie subscription box, I hear you ask! What is this madness?! Well it's actually one of the best ideas I've ever come across. You basically sign up via their website and can choose to have your toastie delivered weekly or monthly, select the type of flavours that you would like to receive (only sweet, only savoury or a mixture), and you can also select gluten, nut & meat free options. You can then select your payment plan £3.99 per week, £15.60 every 4 weeks or £30 every 8 weeks. Choose a delivery address and you're good to go.

I think this is such a fab idea for those who have to take their lunch into work. You can have it delivered straight to your work place and all you need is a toaster. The flavours are incredible! You could receive anything from a chocolate cheesecake toastie (Nutella & cream cheese) to pepperoni pizza (mozzarella, marinara sauce & pepperoni).

As a mum I always find lunch so uninspiring and I struggle to come up with fun, exciting meal ideas for Ava. She loves cheese toasties so to receive one of these a week would take the pressure off a little and I'm sure she'd love the surprise.

My toastie arrived on Monday but due to work I didn't actually get around to eating mine until Wednesday. I would definitely recommend eating your toastie as soon as possible as by this time by bread had gone a little stale and was hard to butter, so I just used some of my own.

I received the "Fight in the Farmyard" flavour, which was goats cheese & bacon jam. I'd never thought of putting goats cheese on a toastie, even though it's one of my favourite things and bacon jam?! I couldn't wait to try it.

I love that all of the ingredients to make your toastie all come in separate plastic bags. You also get a card which tells you which flavour you've received.

After slipping my toastie into the bag provided it took approximately 3-4 minutes in the toaster. It was honestly so good! The goats cheese was strong, just how I like it, and the bacon jam gave it a real meaty kick.

I would be thrilled to received a surprise toastie in the post every week! Cheese Posties is such a fun, original concept. You can find out more and see some of their amazing flavours on their website.

What do you think of this idea?

*We were sent a subscription box free of charge in exchange for a review but as usual thoughts are 100% my own.


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