Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Life lately- getting ready for Christmas and New Year challenges

We always treat the end of November as a pre-Christmas get together, to not only remember my brother, to share stories and memories but to make the time together fun for Ava. We went to see Father Christmas and did some shopping. As I mentioned in this post, we didn't go to London this year as I just didn't feel comfortable with the idea.

We're then catapulted into December and I always find myself completely exhausted, hence the lack of blog posts lately. Nath works on the post and in the run up to Christmas he is up at 2.30am. I honestly don't know how he does it and for some reason I'm the one who feels completely exhausted. I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, thank god for online retail, and I just need to wrap and send on Christmas cards! I'm only half organised this year. Last weekend was a busy one that saw Ava take part in our town's Christmas parade with my sister-in-law and her first gymnastics competition. She came 4th, I was so proud!

I'm looking forward to January as I'll be starting something new. Back in the Summer I mentioned that I had been offered another job, it was full-time and after weighing up the pros & cons and having a trial period I realised that it wasn't for me and I stayed where I am. I currently work as a Secretary in an Independant School. I've worked there for almost 7 years and at the moment I work part time, the holidays are generous but I still have to work throughout the school holidays (being an Independant School they get an awful lot of school holidays!).

Last Friday must have been my lucky day, I was offered a new job- at work! Another secretarial role that will see me working full time during the week but I'll get all the school holidays off. This will give me some time to also work on my blog which is great. I'm so thrilled to have been offered this opportunity and I can't wait to start my new challenge in January.

Our new home is all decorated for Christmas and I'm starting to feel very festive. I'm going to watch Ava in her first ever pre-school performance on Thursday-she's a cow- and no doubt I'll be blubbing in the corner!

Are you all set for Christmas? What have you been up to lately?

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