Saturday, 2 January 2016

Looking into 2016- Some blog news...

Happy New Year!! 2015 had a lot to live up to, 2014 was such a wonderful year, the biggest event being of course, our wedding.

Having said that 2015 didn't do too badly considering, we bought our own home, which, despite being very exciting, wasn't without it's complications. During that time I felt unbelievably low and stressed. But am so thankful now that we have a home to call our own

I had my far share of fate during 2015, I was offered a new job but after being given some training I decided that it wasn't for me and stayed where I was. I've now been offered a brilliant opportunity at my current place of work, it's a new role, one which will see me working full time hours but it's term time only. Meaning that in September, when Ava starts school, we shall have all the holidays off together and for that I am truly grateful.

That does, however, bring me onto the subject of my blog and it's future. I've never been very good at promoting myself on social media and am terrible for comparing my blog to others. However I've decided that in 2016 that will stop, I still want to blog, but have resigned myself to the fact that it is never going to be something that I am able to do professionally. Getting used to my new working hours next week will be tough and blog posts will be sporadic to begin with. I don't want to lose this little space as I've invested so much time and energy into it. I've just decided to take a little step back from it, not get so caught up on my stats. I'm toying with the idea of starting a new Instagram page for Ava as I love to take pictures of her and Instagram is my favourite platform.

I also want to concentrate a little more on my fitness. Towards the end of last year I cancelled my gym membership and everything went downhill. Nath bought a new clean eating cook book last week so I'm hoping that will give me some ideas and a little motivation.

I hope that you'll bear with me whilst things are up in the air.

Have you got any New Year's resolutions?


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