Monday, 31 October 2016

Original Theraline maternity & nursing pillow review

As my bump gets increasingly bigger and I start to feel more & more like a beached whale, bedtime is becoming slightly problematic. I have been using my old Dreamgenii pillow that I bought when I was pregnant with Ava but between you & I, it's no longer cutting the mustard.

I'm finding that it's too thin for my growing bump and I keep getting tangled in the back support when I turn over, not ideal! However, I was recently sent the award winning, Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing pillow to put through it's paces. I'll be honest, I was slightly apprehensive at first. It's a lot bigger than my previous maternity pillow and is quite wide. I was beginning to wonder how I'd get comfortable on it's boomerang shape.  The secret is the microbeads inside the fabric, they mould to your body creating a perfectly snug fit. The pillow can be positioned in various poses to suit the individuals comfort. I've been lying on my side, tucking part of the pillow between my legs and using the part nearest to my head as a pillow. I have to say that it's incredibly comfortable.

The pillow also doubles as a nursing aide once baby arrives should you decide to breastfeed. It safely moulds to baby and relieves pressure from mum's shoulders and neck, as it creates the perfect height for breastfeeding.

It also comes in an array of colours, designs and fabric so you can find one that suits you. Both the inner pillow and outer cover can be washed and all Theraline products are 100% safety certified.

Since having the pillow I've been known to sneak a nap when home alone, it's fantastic to be able to get comfortable when pregnant, as this is no mean feat. I highly recommend the Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing pillow to all pregnant mums, you won't regret it, and you definitely won't go back once you've tried it.

The Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing pillow can be bought on their website or from John Lewis, R.R.P £44.95

*I was gifted the Original Theraline Maternity and Nursing pillow in exchange for an honest review


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Life lately- Our half-term week

Today is the last day of half-term for Ava and I, then it's back to work and school on Monday. This week was very much needed for the both of us. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant, and exhausted. Especially with working 40 hours a week. It's been Ava's first term in school and she was becoming increasingly weary as half term approached. I decided before the break that we wouldn't do much this week, we'd spend time at home, playing and pottering about which is what we've done.

I have beaten myself up over the last couple of days though and told myself we haven't done enough, I did have grand ideas of going to our local pumpkin farm or going on one of the National Trust pumpkin trails but the week has zoomed past! We both needed to recharge our batteries.

On Monday we went to the cinema with a friend of mine & her daughter, one of Ava's little friends from school, and saw Trolls. Ava absolutely loved it and it'll definitely be one that we buy when the DVD is released.

I was quite surprised at the amount of homework she was given to do. It was all craft activities which we enjoy doing anyway so we had a lovely walk on Tuesday and collected some leaves to make an autumnal picture. We've had coffee dates, watched a lot of Netflix and visited family. We've been out for meals and Ava went to a Halloween party yesterday.

For our last day today we've had a PJ day, baking some cupcakes and just generally being super lazy before I go back to work for 6 weeks. I have 4 weeks off over Christmas and can't wait! This week has made me realise that it's ok just to take a step back sometimes and do ordinary things, I don't always have to be running around everywhere!

Follow my Instagram for regular photo updates on what we get up to.

What have you been up to this half term?

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rockin' Baby, one of my new favourite, ethical brands*

You know when you discover a brand that you just fall in love with straight away? Well that's exactly what happened when I was introduced to Rockin' Baby. I have to admit that I'd not heard of them before, but once I'd read up on them I was left blown away by this wonderful, charitable brand.

Rockin' Baby was founded in 2002 but it was it's most recent business owner, Kathryn Wiley, who saw an opportunity within the brand. She created the mother-to-mother movement and began to donate a sling to a mother in Haiti once one had been sold through Rockin' Baby. They have since developed the child-to-child movement, which sees clothes donated to children in countries in need, for every item of clothing that they sell.

And it's not hard to see why Rockin' Baby do so well with their charitable vocation. Not only are their clothes sustainable & fairly sourced, they are of fantastic quality and are completely gorgeous! I should know as Ava & bump were kindly sent a pair of PJs and a unisex top. I was impressed by the design & fabric and knowing of the thought & care behind the brand, has made me love the items even more.

Ava loves her PJs and I can't wait to get baby in it's new top when he/she arrives. Knowing that you're helping a child or mother in need when you purchase from this brand is such an incredible feeling and these won't be the last pieces that my children have from Rockin' Baby, that's for sure.

Ava's beautiful cotton PJs are so soft. The fox motif and autumnal pants are just perfect for this time of year. The top for baby is equally as soft and the colours are actually the ones I have picked out for the nursery; grey, white & yellow.

Rockin' Baby are an incredible brand who deserve to be celebrated. Check out their website and I guarantee you'll fall in love just like I did.

*I was gifted these items in exchange for an honest review

Monday, 24 October 2016

Belly Buds review*

Did you know that a baby's hearing develops at 20 weeks and their memory at 30 weeks?

When I was pregnant with Ava I would put my Ipod on and play songs to her with the earphones pressed up against my belly. Luckily this time around there's a more practical & advanced way to bond with your baby, the Bellybuds speakers & Voice share app.

Once you've downloaded the app you can select some lullabies to play for the baby or even record your own messages. I've even been playing some of my own music to the baby, who doesn't love a bit of Adele?! Ava's been enjoying talking to the baby via the app, she even asked if the baby would talk back to her! How cute! And she enjoyed playing DJ to her little sibling and  choosing some songs. She was very excited when baby started to kick at some of her choices.

The speakers are extremely easy to use, the pack comes with:
  • 2 BellyBuds speakers
  • 2 pairs of SafeBond adhesives
  • Audio splitter
  • Storage pouch
  • Free digital album

You simply stick the adhesive SafeBonds onto the speakers and then onto your bump and plug the speakers into your phone. If you want to listen at the same time as your baby you use the audio splitter which plugs into your phone, plug the BellyBuds into the one end and your own earphones into the other and you're good to go.

The adhesives are incredibly durable and you can wear the speakers under clothing if you would like to play music to the baby whilst out and about.

My baby is mostly active early in the morning and in the evening, which is when we tend to use the BellyBuds. I've been getting a lot of kicks when doing so and I'm hoping that means baby approves!

BellyBuds are a lovely way to bond with your baby and it's something that your family can get involved with too.

BellyBuds retail at £49.99 and can be bought from the website.

*We were sent the BellyBuds free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Thursday, 20 October 2016

It's not you, it's my hormones!

Lately something strange has been happening to my body, and I'm not just talking about my expanding belly & TMI pregnancy problems.

My mood swings have been vicious! I've been finding myself having some real lows, which have left me feeling crazy and I'm wondering if it's normal. Random people who I used to think were perfectly nice before, I've now decided that I don't like, my tolerance levels are waning and it seems that no one is immune from my pregnancy wrath!

My poor husband has been at the receiving end of most of my meltdowns, the tears and tantrums have been something else! I've never felt like this before, and I don't remember feeling this angry when I was pregnant with Ava. The tiredness isn't helping, working 40 hours a week, both Ava and I have colds at the moment and we have a lot of stressful work going on in the house.

At one point I was worried about pre-natal depression which I hadn't heard of during my first pregnancy. After doing some research I realised that in fact, pregnancy depression affects one in ten pregnant women and with most women dismissing potential symptoms as typical pregnancy hormones it can be a tricky thing to diagnose. If you are experiencing lows during your pregnancy, please speak to your midwife or Dr. Pregnancy is made out to be this incredibly magical time and don't get me wrong, having a baby is the most magical thing that there is. But the toll it has on your body and general well-being shouldn't be dismissed. I'm still searching for my "glow". I think mine got lost in the post!

Luckily I'm feeling a whole lot happier this week and I have a week off  with Ava coming up which I think is very much needed for the both of us.

Has this happened to you? Did you experience similar in your pregnancy?

A Cornish Mum


Monday, 17 October 2016

Bedroom storage ideas with My 1st Years*

We're in the process of making over the house, or thinking about it at least. With baby coming there are big changes to be made and that includes Ava's playroom being made into a nursery. Most of her toys will be stored in her bedroom but that has left us with the pickle of where to find good quality, stylish storage.

I've always been a big fan of My 1st Years and they recently sent us a personalised toy storage sack from their new range. It's incredibly sturdy and deep, giving plenty of  room for stuffing those never ending toys. I love the drawstring top which keeps everything secure, it's a great addition to any bedroom. I know we'll get a lot of wear from it for years to come, as with all My 1st Years products, it's fantastic quality.

I thought I'd round up my favourite storage items from My 1st Years to give you an idea of the great selection on their website.

1-Pink Ditsy Storage Bag: Ava was sent a similar one to review last year which you can see in her bedroom tour post (I'll be doing another post once we've changed her room around so keep your eyes peeled!) It's still my favourite place to hide wayward toys and is deceptively large. Like a Mary Poppins bag for toys!

2- Personalised toy chest: How gorgeous is this personalised chest? The perfect addition to a nursery, I'm thinking of a white, grey & yellow nursery for baby so this would be ideal

3-Hessian gift sack: I love this Christmassy sack, I used to have one as a child and it was always so magical rummaging right to the bottom to find the last present.

4-Chevron print storage bag- I'm a big fan of chevron print and love anything grey! With us being team yellow I think I'll have to get this for baby to store blankets and towels in the nursery.

5-Storage playhouse- This cool storage box doubles as a playhouse which is any little girls dream. It has a fantastic, stylish appearance too that's guaranteed to brighten any room.

So those are my 5 picks, where do you store your children's toys?

*We were sent the personalised panda storage bag free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


Friday, 14 October 2016

My maternity style #4- Belly Bandit B.D.A leggings*

I recently wrote a post about my pregnancy essentials and about the non-maternity leggings that were a staple in my wardrobe, I use the word "were" as due to my expanding tum these are now a thing of the past. But fear not fellow legging lovers, I've found even better ones, the Holy Grail of maternity leggings, the B.D.A leggings by Belly Bandit.

These are honestly on a whole different level to your regular leggings, they feel like a second skin! So comfortable you wouldn't believe. B.D.A stands for before, during and after, meaning that these little wonders grow and shrink with your body, they are super soft, seamless and lightweight making them the perfect addition to your maternity wardrobe.

You can wear them over your bump which moulds and shapes you, or you can roll the band underneath your bump for extra support. I loved how these leggings made me feel, as I mentioned before not only are they incredibly soft I felt that they moulded to my body and gave me a great shape and anything that gives me a confidence boost during pregnancy is alright by me!

The leggings retail at £44.95 which for something that you can wear during & after your pregnancy and that makes you feel great, is definitely worth it. I shall definitely be living in these leggings for the duration of my pregnancy!

*This item was gifted to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Boohoo kids range review*

Boohoo has always been one of my go to stores when looking for stylish, affordable pieces so when Ava was offered the chance to review some items from their new kids range I was so excited.

Boohoo's new children's range caters for girls & boys from 5 to 12 years and they have something to suit all occasions. We were asked to create a capsule wardrobe and to be honest, we were spoilt for choice. I decided to create two outfits, a casual outfit and a party outfit.

For the first look we chose what I call the MC Hammer jacket, which Ava is obsessed with! She's just like me and is drawn to anything sparkly! This metallic bomber comes in gold or silver and is only £15! It jazzes up the simplest of outfits. Although I will say that it's more of a spring/summer jacket or one to be worn under a coat in winter as it's made from thin material. We paired it with the tshirt and pinafore dress which is a dress that can be worn casually or to a party. I liked that the tshirt comes separate to the dress which was made from a lovely, thick material. A fantastic quality dress for only £12!

Ava wore the bargain (£5) lace trim leggings underneath the dress and the gorgeous leopard print slip on trainers that I need myself!

For our casual outfit Ava wore the leggings and trainers with the gorgeous, "Look Out" sweater which also comes in grey. This is such a lovely, thick material, unbelievable quality for something that only costs £10.

Overall I've been hugely impressed with the Boohoo kids range. It's fantastic value for money. I couldn't believe the quality of the items for such tiny prices. If you're looking for stylish outfits for your little one I can't recommend Boohoo kids enough!

*We were sent these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, 10 October 2016

My 20 week pregnancy update

Last week we had our 20 week scan, I'm so happy to say that everything looks great, the midwife said that she was very happy with baby. We're still firmly team yellow, and I've made a little unisex clothing wish list, although I still think baby will be a boy! I can't believe that I'm half way through this pregnancy already!


Honestly my hormones have been all over the place lately, I'm still waiting for the burst of energy that you apparently get in your 2nd trimester but it's yet to come! I feel like one minute I'm happy and the next I'm crying my eyes out which isn't great. I'm having a few lows lately and worries about how I'll cope with two children. We're starting to get the ball rolling with changes to the house and I think that is stressing me out a bit.


Now that the sickness and nausea has passed, thank goodness, I'm back to enjoying my food again. I'm still favouring carbs, more specifically pizza and would eat it every night if I could!


You may have noticed that I have started a maternity style series on my blog and am enjoying discovering new brands whilst not swaying far from my usual style. I'm still able to squash bump into some of my usual work dresses which is a relief but I'm desperate for some nice, cosy maternity pyjamas.


As I said above, all is looking well with baby. He/she is very active which is lovely and Nath was able to feel him/her kick last night. I've tried to get Ava to feel too, she said that she felt it but I don't think that she did. I'm really looking forward to starting the nursery off.

Things are starting to get exciting!

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Making our house a home with Desenio*

I'm one of those people who thinks that a room isn't complete without some prints hanging on the wall. I could honestly spend hours looking at prints online, and I've found the perfect website. Desenio are a Swedish company and they have more prints & frames than you can shake a stick at. Whatever your style you can guarantee that you'll find a print that you love on the Desenio website, and the best part is, it's all totally affordable.

With baby on the way, a few home improvements are going to be starting soon, starting with the bedrooms. All three bedrooms in our house are getting a make over. The playroom is being transformed into a nursery, Ava's having a new bed and a rejig of her bedroom furniture and we are hopefully having a complete bedroom transformation ourselves. This all called for some seriously cool print, so in stepped Desenio.

After choosing my prints and frames from their children's print range, which took me a lot longer than anticipated due to the wide selection of prints, I waited patiently for them to arrive. Upon opening my parcel I was so impressed with the packaging. Having travelled from a different country you'd be forgiven for thinking that something may arrive a little chipped or broken but Desenio take the utmost care in packaging their items.

The prints arrived rolled up in a cardboard roll and the frames were carefully bubble wrapped. I couldn't wait to see the print I'd picked.

I'd firstly chosen some A4 prints and white frames for the nursery. With us being once again team yellow, I thought it might be difficult to find gender neutral prints, but I was wrong. In truth I was spoilt for choice!

Just to give you an idea of how well priced it really is, my prints were £4.49 each and the white wood frames were £6.57 each,

We're planning to paint the baby's nursery in grey with some hints of yellow so these prints will fit in perfectly.

For Ava's bedroom I've decided to do a little gallery wall, she chose the deer poster in an A4 size and I chose the other prints in a postcard size to surround it.

Again I chose the white wooden frames for these prints.

For our bedroom I went for something a little different. Part of the website is dedicated to "the perfect pair." Two prints, that the team at Desenio think look fantastic together side by side. I took inspiration from this and chose two prints myself, from their print section, that I felt would look good paired together. I then opted for the gold frame to give them a glamourous look.

I was so impressed when they arrived and think they look great paired together.

I also got some postcard sized monochrome prints for a black & white photo gallery idea that I have for the stairs.

I'm hoping it won't be long until we have the house as we would like it and I can't wait to show you around when we have all of the prints set up properly. Keep your eyes peeled!

I can't recommend Desenio enough for good quality, affordable prints.

*I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review

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Monday, 3 October 2016

My Maternity Style #3- Isabella Oliver review*

I never thought that pregnancy & glamour went hand in hand until I was sent this beautiful dress from Isabella Oliver. They have completely redefined maternity wear, pregnancy no longer means wearing a floral nightgown for 9 months. Isabella Oliver offer flattering, elegant maternity wear which makes you feel amazing!

I opted for the Balcombe maternity dress which retails at £119. It's available in ivy green and caviar black. As you can see I opted for the green, the colour is perfect for the season. It fits me like a glove, the ruched effect on the side allowing the material to fit perfectly and comfortably across my bump, expanding with me as my bump grows.

The Balcombe is one of Isabella Oliver's "forever" styles, meaning that this dress can be worn throughout pregnancy and long after, which I love. This is such an important factor when investing in such a beautiful, luxury piece. The draped neckline also make it perfect for breastfeeding in a non-obvious way.

This dress made me feel fantastic, I love it's sophisticated and smart style and I know that this dress will get a lot of wear. I've already decided that it's going to be my Christmas day dress. Isabella Oliver have a fantastic range of elegant maternity wear that is guaranteed to make you feel amazing over the upcoming party season.

*I was sent this dress free of charge in exchange for an honest review
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