Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rockin' Baby, one of my new favourite, ethical brands*

You know when you discover a brand that you just fall in love with straight away? Well that's exactly what happened when I was introduced to Rockin' Baby. I have to admit that I'd not heard of them before, but once I'd read up on them I was left blown away by this wonderful, charitable brand.

Rockin' Baby was founded in 2002 but it was it's most recent business owner, Kathryn Wiley, who saw an opportunity within the brand. She created the mother-to-mother movement and began to donate a sling to a mother in Haiti once one had been sold through Rockin' Baby. They have since developed the child-to-child movement, which sees clothes donated to children in countries in need, for every item of clothing that they sell.

And it's not hard to see why Rockin' Baby do so well with their charitable vocation. Not only are their clothes sustainable & fairly sourced, they are of fantastic quality and are completely gorgeous! I should know as Ava & bump were kindly sent a pair of PJs and a unisex top. I was impressed by the design & fabric and knowing of the thought & care behind the brand, has made me love the items even more.

Ava loves her PJs and I can't wait to get baby in it's new top when he/she arrives. Knowing that you're helping a child or mother in need when you purchase from this brand is such an incredible feeling and these won't be the last pieces that my children have from Rockin' Baby, that's for sure.

Ava's beautiful cotton PJs are so soft. The fox motif and autumnal pants are just perfect for this time of year. The top for baby is equally as soft and the colours are actually the ones I have picked out for the nursery; grey, white & yellow.

Rockin' Baby are an incredible brand who deserve to be celebrated. Check out their website and I guarantee you'll fall in love just like I did.

*I was gifted these items in exchange for an honest review

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