Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A bump update and the Christmas break so far

As I type this I am now 30 weeks, I have said it before but I can't seem to get my head around it! It has FLOWN by. I think it's a combination of working full time and already having Ava but I'm starting to panic thinking that nothing is ready for this little babe, not even the hint of a hospital bag! I managed to pick up the pram that I wanted in the black Friday sale, (Silvercross Chelsea Wayfarer, if you were curious). It had the car seat thrown in for the price of the pram which was a deal that couldn't be missed. I am thrilled with it and am so happy with my choice, although Ava will be a month off her 5th birthday when the baby is born I'm thinking of getting a buggy board for the pram. They say they are suitable for up to 5 year old but to be honest Ava is such a little dot, she still fits into age 2-3 clothes, that I'm sure she'll thank me for it. She's ruddy lazy too!

We were all set to go all guns blazing on the nursery, which is currently Ava's playroom. Unfortunately in order to get the nursery ready we need to move the toys into Ava's bedroom, which requires getting rid of her 3/4 bed which takes up most of her bedroom. We thought we'd found her a solution and bought a lovely single bed with storage. We waited 2 months and the bed never arrived, just a mattress. Turns out it was out of stock and the useless folk didn't let us know when we forked out for it, neither did they know when they'd next have any in. So we asked for a refund and ordered her another bed from Next, a trustworthy source. Unfortunately this one takes 11 weeks to be delivered so we're (hopefully) looking at mid-Jan time. Bedroom saga has been put on hold until then which makes things a little stressful!

As for me, I'm feeling quite well, tired but with a child who wakes pretty early in the morning that's was pretty much going to be a given. I'm feeling quite short of breath as everything becomes even more crushed, I'm looking forward to no longer having to take Gaviscon and for my pelvic floor to be back to normal-ish.

My bump is pretty neat and all in the front but I do feel bigger than I did with Ava, no new stretchmarks from my pregnancy with Ava and I've still avoided getting any on my stomach, I think that this is down to my Secret Saviours products. I'm still thinking that this is going to be a boy!

With 4 days to go until Christmas I think I'm pretty much ready, I still have gifts to wrap and Ava's Christmas Eve box to put together. It's been quite hard to keep Ava entertained, with her being at school I think she's used to being simulated all day and for a pregnant mama this is quite a hard feat. I want to rest but she wants to play so we have to compromise!

On Monday we went to one of our local National Trust properties to see Father Christmas, we went with my dad and his lovely dog. With Nath being a postie it's such a busy time for him and we've been like ships in the night this week, which has been hard.

The Father Christmas experience was magical though and I think it was so nice for my dad to be able to come with us to see the wonder on her face.

We had to go through a magical wardrobe which was very Narnia and into a waiting room complete with snow covered pines and fake snow.

Ava was SO excited and almost ran off without us when they said it was her turn! Father Christmas was in a big study and Ava came over all shy but did tell him what she would like for Christmas, a purple Furby, which is her main present! Winning! She was given a present, some gaudy plastic jewellery which she was made up with, and we went for tea and cake.

We had a little walk which was spoilt by the rain but we did have such a lovely afternoon, I love visiting National Trust properties and we're lucky enough to have some lovely ones near us. It's definitely worth checking on the events on the National Trust pages as they do put on some lovely things.

Today we're having a lazy day and tomorrow we're off to the panto with Nath and out for tea. I'm really looking forward to a family day.

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