Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Beating stretch marks with Secret Saviours*

Time seems to have completely flown by, I'm conscious that I haven't posted a bump update in so long, but I can confidently say that I feel huge and will be 30 weeks on Saturday! I am now on a well deserved 4 week Christmas break and only have 3 weeks (!) left in work until I begin my maternity leave and 11weeks until my due date! Holy moly! I feel so unprepared this time around. We have a few outfits, a pram and a carseat...but if baby decides to make an early appearance it might just be sleeping in a cardboard box.

 One thing that I have discovered during this pregnancy is brands aimed at pregnant women. I didn't do my research the first time around and seriously missed out. One of the fantastic brands that I have been introduced to is Secret Saviours, whose products are clinically proven to prevent stretch marks. I have to admit that I only got a few stretch marks with Ava, mainly on my hips, but I was eager to prevent the apparition of any more with baby number 2. Now that I am in my third trimester I am noticing the changes to my body, the skin around my stomach feels tighter and much more uncomfortable as my bump grows and becomes heavier.

I have especially enjoyed wearing my bump band, which is lined with soft pads of various sizes, designed to stop the skin from straining and forming stretchmarks. I've also found it fantastic for supporting the weight of my bump and elevating some of the pressure from my lower back. If I don't wear my bump band, even for a day, I notice such a difference.

You use your bump band with the Anti Stretch Day Gel, which allows your skin to grip the pads on your bump band. It made my skin feel so soft and it smells amazing. At night, once I've removed my band I love to slather my bump in the Anti Stretch Mark Night Cream which is a beautiful rich cream and feels like such a treat to apply.

It's been wonderful to discover a brand that has such great benefits. I can hand on heart say that I have not noticed a single, new stretch mark since using my Secret Saviours package and I would recommend it to any mum-to-be.

Secret Saviours also sent us a fun parcel which included some glitter and face paints for a "Colour my bump" project. This is something that I have always wanted to do and Ava was extremely keen to get involved. We loved painting my bump together (not current sized bump as this was done a few weeks ago) and it was such a lovely, bonding experience for Ava and the bump. She's already taking on the role of protective big sister and I couldn't be prouder of her. She's going to be wonderful when this baby arrives.

*We were gifted the Secret Saviours Anti-strechmark package in exchange for an honest review.

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