Thursday, 22 December 2016

Finding my Pregnancy Glow with Mama Mio*

During pregnancy one of the things that people go on about the most is your "pregnancy glow" I've seen it in others, so I know that it exists. Your skin just becomes luminous and dewy and you just look radiant.

Unfortunately for me, this wasn't the case. Not long before discovering that I was pregnant with our second baby I started developing awful spots across my cheek bones, they were so sore and no matter how much I tried, no amount of make up was covering them up! I tried all sort of lotions and potions, to no avail. It seems silly and shallow to admit but it honestly affected my confidence so much. I could no longer wear fake tan on my face and being fair skinned this left me looking so pale, I looked ill! I didn't dare to venture out of the house wearing no make up and I would have days when my spots were just so sore I would cry!

Of course it soon became apparent that these were no ordinary spots, it was pregnancy acne, caused by the increased hormones in my body and something that I never experienced with Ava. I honestly googled everything I could to do with pregnancy acne, I even tried home remedies, nothing worked! I then discovered Mama Mio, a brand that I had previously heard of but never tried. Their Gorgeous Glow face wash peaked my interest, it had fabulous reviews online but after testing and trialling so many different products that didn't work I wanted to be sure. I ordered a sample of the face wash and kept my fingers tightly crossed that this was the product that I had been waiting for. As soon as I tried it, I was hooked. It left my skin feeling refreshed and clean whilst still feeling soft. Not to mention the gorgeous lavender smell which is just amazing. I then went on to buy the full sized version and to my amazement my skin started to improve. The angry, red sores started to reduce and scab over but more than that, I started to get my confidence back, which was huge for me. Since then I have been using the face wash twice a day. Don't get me wrong my skin is still not 100% back to it's old self but it's a lot better than it was. It's also go to the point where I am able to use fake tan on my face again which has boosted my confidence some more. I'm certain that I'll be using this product beyond my pregnancy, I'm in love!

I was thrilled to be contacted by Mama Mio and was asked to be a brand ambassador, after falling in love with one of their products I was so excited to discover what else they had to offer pregnant ladies.

I was sent the Pregnancy Boob Tube bust cream and the Lucky Legs, cooling, energising leg gel.
Pregnancy Boob Tube is designed to protect, soothe and cool new mummy boobs, I breast fed Ava for the first 3 weeks of her life but unfortunately had to stop due to mastitis. I'm planning to try to breastfeed this baby too and I know that this product will become a holy grail for me as it's completely safe to use whilst breastfeeding. If only I had know about this product the first time around, things may have been different.

Their Lucky Legs product is also a must have for mums-to-be. It smells of glorious peppermint and is so refreshing to use. After standing up for a while, doing some ironing one evening my feet were completely swollen and my toes were like little sausages. I quickly grabbed this gel and lathered some on and it really did feel amazing and made a huge difference.

If you're a mum-to-be you must check out Mama Mio's products, they have such an exciting range which cover all of your pregnancy skin concerns. I can assure you that you'll be as hooked as I am!

*I was sent the products free of charge as part of an honest review.


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