Thursday, 9 February 2017

37 week pregnancy update


At just over 37 weeks pregnant I feel exhausted! Most days I've been dropping Ava in School and have been coming home and napping for a couple of hours. It's making me feel so lazy though and I still have so much to get ready for the baby.

Indigestion has come back with a vengeance and I'm finding that contrary to what the books and websites are telling me, I seem to have less room than ever in my stomach and I'm only managing to graze every day. If I have a big meal I end up being terribly sick.

I'll be honest and say that I've had enough of being pregnant now, I just want to meet my baby. Every day feels like Groundhog Day, I am tired, uncomfortable and so, so grumpy!


I'm mostly feeling like eating fruit at the moment and cereal, as like I said above I can't eat much due to indigestion and heartburn. .My sweet tooth is still going strong though and there is always room for dessert!!


It's all about comfort at the moment so my PJs are firmly on! I can't wait to buy myself a few new bits after the baby arrives though, having a limited, maternity wardrobe sucks!


We had growth scan on Thursday as it didn't look like baby had grown at my last antenatal appointment. I wasn't worried though as I was always going for growth scans with Ava as they said that she would be small and she weighed 7lbs9 when she was born. All went very well at the growth scan, the midwife had no concerns and said that if the baby was born now it would weigh 6lbs odd and if I make it to 40 weeks it should weigh around the same as Ava. It's still very active and due to baby running out of room the pokes and prods are getting a little more painful now. I've always got a little foot poking out if my left hand side!

The nursery has now been stripped of it's old wallpaper thanks to my Father-in-Law and we now need to buy some lining paper before we paint it and add some carpet! The bathroom is finally finished and Ava's bedroom is sorted, so we're slowly getting there!

I've packed and re-packed my hospital bag and am pretty sure I have everything I need. I've almost finished my hypnobirthing course and shall be writing a post on my thoughts soon.

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