Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel review*

Ava has always been a water baby, she loves nothing more than a soak in the tub surrounded by bath bombs and would spend hours in the water if I let her. On Fridays she goes to swimming lessons and has been doing so well, she's recently moved up a class and we're so proud of her.

I'm the mum that warms towels & PJs on the radiator before she gets out of the bath but our towels really lack the snuggle factor so it's really no wonder that's she's always so reluctant to get out of the bath! This all changed when Ava was asked to review the Snuggle Bunny towel from Cuddledry. Especially created for 3-6 year olds it's the perfect length for my little bunny and ensures that she's kept cosy when she hops out of the bath. It's also incredibly soft and as it's made from microfibres it's fast drying and gentle on sensitive skin.

It's also fantastic to take along to her swimming lessons, it's incredibly lightweight and the hood keeps her warm from head to toe, I love that it's long enough to completely cover her up and that there is enough material to keep her nice and snug. It's also something that we'll be taking along for family trips to the beach during the Summer, and with the bunny ears it's also amazingly cute!

It is also very easy to clean, even at low temperatures, and with it being so quick to dry, no matter where you have used your Snuggle Bunny towel, you'll be able to quickly use it again.

It's so gorgeously snugly in fact, that Ava's newborn brother Oliver has been using it, it's beautifully soft on his baby skin and he absolutely loves it, just don't tell Ava.

The Snuggle Bunny towel retails at £32.99 and can be bought here. There are also many other fantastic products in their range so do check them out.

*We were sent the Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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