Monday, 13 March 2017

Introducing Oliver & his positive birth story

On Wednesday 1st March at 8.23am we welcomed Oliver Lloyd into the world. I was in established labour for 1 hour 23 minutes and if I could have written down my perfect labour story, that would have been it! After suffering with complications following Ava's birth, namely retained placenta, I was desperate to have a positive birthing experience. During my pregnancy I completed an online hypnobirthing course, which you can read about here, and I strongly believe that it gave me the confidence and the positive mindset that I needed to achieve the experience that I had. I've never thought that I'd say this about child birth but it was amazing!

 At 4 days overdue I was starting to fret that Oliver was going to be like his sister and leave us waiting for 8 days but on Tuesday night I started to have mild contractions in the bottom of my back, I tried not to get my hopes , I'd had a few false starts in the days leading up to Oliver's birth and had been left disappointed when nothing was starting. As my contractions got stronger I started to time them and by 2am, having cleaned the kitchen and prepared all of Ava's School uniform for the following day, the contractions were 5 minutes apart and lasting for approximately 30 seconds. As I was under consultant care, due to the complications following Ava's birth, I was booked into a hospital 40 minutes away, this did worry me as I'd heard that second baby's had a tendency to come quickly! I was told by the hospital to come in when my contractions were "taking my breath away", as my contractions were still quite mild I decided to try and get some kind of rest and took myself off to bed. I dozed on & off until 5am when my contractions became too strong to ignore any longer. I woke Nath up and as I lay in bed my waters went, it was the strangest sensation and something that I wasn't expecting, having had my waters broken in hospital with Ava. After triple checking all of the bags we rung Nath's mum to come over and have Ava and arrived at the hospital at 6.50am, I have to say the journey there was pretty awful, going over pot holes whilst having contractions is not an experience I'd like to repeat! Once we arrived things really kicked up a notch, I was already 6cm dilated and at 8am Nath asked if he could get the bags from the car, he was told not to, the midwife predicted that the baby would be here by 8.30am and she was right! The hypnobirthing course definitely helped with my breathing techniques, I felt so much more relaxed and confident.We didn't find out the gender of our baby which I believe also helped me, I felt so excited to meet our new addition and when he was passed to me and I saw that we had a little boy I felt absolutely elated. As opposed to Ava's birth when I was exhausted and out of it, with Oliver I felt on cloud 9. It was the most incredible feeling, I honestly felt like super woman. Nath rung the family whilst I enjoyed cuddles with our baby boy. We then celebrated with tea and toast and I was wheeled down to the midwife led unit. Ava came to meet her baby brother that evening and I've never seen her so excited, I have honestly never felt as happy as I did when the four of us were together for the first time.

The following day I moved to the midwife led unit 10 minutes away from our house, I stayed there for a few nights and was able to spend some time bonding with Oliver and relaxing. And now we're home, a new family of four, I still can't believe that I now have a son as well as a daughter. I feel so incredibly lucky and happy but am still adjusting to having a newborn again. I'll be writing a post about that soon. Having a 5 year gap between both children means that I'd forgotten all about sterilising rules, feeding cues and the brain fog that comes with the tiredness, but I'm happy and that's all that matters. I'm still in my newborn bubble and ajusting to being able to do things whilst Oliver sleeps so my blog may be a little slow! You can keep up to date with us on Instagram though which I tend to update daily.


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